Make Money Selling Avon



Make Money Selling Avon


Why Sell Avon?


Everyday, women come to Avon as diverse as the world in which they live. They are trusting in the power of Avon and want to make money selling Avon. Who are the women? Moms on-the-go and aspiring CEOs. How do they sell Avon? From door-to-door and cube-to-cube or screen-to-screen and mobile-to-mobile, Avon offers a flexible earning opportunity for everyone’s style. There are no limits with Avon!



Make Money Selling Avon


Since 1886, Avon has successfully changed to meet the needs of the changing world. Avon has become the largest global network of women on earth offering innovation, breakthrough technology and relevant beauty products.


Avon 130th Anniversary


Avon has a legacy of empowering women for 130 years. Empowerment is the destination. Beauty is the journey. Avon has been a worldwide leader in beauty and empowerment for nearly 130 years.  Celebrate Avon’s 130 year anniversary of helping women make money selling Avon.


Make Money Selling Avon



Avon Changes Lives


Imagine the possibilities; a future where you can have enough money not only for what you need but also for what you want. Imagine your future exactly as you want it to be. Here at Avon we change lives one beautiful story at a time.  You are going to discover how the Avon opportunity can guide you to your beautiful future and teach you how to make money selling Avon.


Make Your Dreams Happen with Avon


Partner with Avon, the Company for Women. Avon is a global brand that’s all about creating beauty products representatives can sell with confidence. High quality and high technology defines Avon products. Scientists from all around the world work to bring both global and regional perspectives to Avon’s skin care, fragrance, color and personal care. Avon is dedicated to empowering women everywhere with a commitment to women and a promise to give back.

  • Make Your Dreams Happen
  • Be Your Own Boss
  • Enjoy Unlimited Earnings Potential
  • Do something You Love That’s Fun
  • Partner with a Global Brand
  • Sell with Confidence
  • Avon is Iconic
  • Avon is Innovative
  • Avon is Unique


Make Money Selling Avon


Avon Foundation for Women


Make Money Selling Avon



Avon Foundation for Women is the largest corporate philanthropy focused on causes that matter most to women; breast cancer and domestic violence. Nearly $1 billion has been raised and awarded to combat breast cancer and domestic violence by the Avon Foundation for Women.


Avon Worldwide Leader


Avon has a presence in over 100 countries and enjoys 90% brand recognition in most major markets.  With the company’s incredible global reach, Avon representatives sell 4 lipsticks every second. Our reach and reputation makes selling easy. You have the opportunity to offer customers the broad range of products that appeal to a diverse customer base.



Avon Opportunity


Make Money Selling Avon


Avon offers one amazing opportunity mean two ways to earn and sell.

  • Two ways to earn
  • Two ways to sell


Two Ways to Make Money Selling Avon

  • Earn Cash on your personal sales
  • Earn Cash on your team sales when you recruit others to also sell Avon


Two Ways to Sell Avon Make Money Selling Avon

  • Sell Avon face-to-face
  • Sell Avon online via your Avon eStore



Your Avon eStore is an important step to the success of your business. Your free personalized and customizable Avon website allows you to reach customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week with the direct delivery option. This dual selling strategy is key to growing your business and achieving major success.


Avon Earnings Potential

Your earnings potential is unlimited with Avon. When you grow and service your customers you can earn from your personal sales with face-to-face and online selling. Should you decide to among our representatives who choose to participate in our sales leadership earning opportunity, you will be eligible to earn from recruiting bonuses and team sales when you become a titled sales leader. Start your team and enjoy leadership rewards beginning with your first appointment.


Avon Direct Selling


Avon is innovating the direct selling industry enabling representatives to run their businesses and maximize their earnings as never before. The company leverages the most advanced digital tools on the internet, social media, and mobile technology. Avon provides the tools, expertise and support you need so success can happen fast. An representative’s business integrates seamlessly with the way people today connect, share, and shop. This enhances both the selling and shopping experiences.


Avon Rewards and Incentives


Your potential for outstanding rewards and making money is unlimited, so go ahead and dream big. What would you do with an extra $100? How about $500? Or even bigger, $1000? Avon honors the accomplishments of motivated Make Money Selling Avon representatives by unlocking a world of awards and recognition and you journey to success. There are prizes, gala celebrations and trips both awaiting top sellers and top sales leaders. Avon believes in you! Earn exciting perks! Picture yourself hitting the hottest beaches, or exploring the most stylish cities. Many of our top-selling representatives have enjoyed these free trips! Great prizes and amazing trips are a part of the fun!



Avon Makes a Difference

Beauty welcomes everyone. The Avon opportunity is about your opportunity to make a difference in what matters most to you. It is about being able to control your schedule so you can spend more time with friends and family. It is about the amazing line of Avon products. Its about all the possibilities that Avon offers no matter what your age, background, or education. You are invited to join a network of powerful beautiful representatives who will help guide you through you own beautiful journey. You can change your life today and begin you journey to success and make money selling Avon.


If you feel you would like to start your own beautiful story with Avon, join Avon online with Avon reference code mbertsch. The cost is only $15 to be privileged to be called an Avon Representative and join the sisterhood of Avon Representatives around the USA.


Make Money Selling Avon



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