Why Become an Avon Rep? Read Honest Review

Why should you become an Avon rep?  Maybe you’ve been researching different direct selling companies and you’re not sure which one is right for you.

Because working for Avon has been an incredibly rewarding experience for me, I want to share this opportunity with you.

Is Selling Avon Right for You?

become an Avon rep - is it right for you?

You might be wondering if it takes a big commitment of time and money to become an Avon representative – a successful one, that is!

And truthfully, if anyone tells you that you can start a business and become successful with very little effort, you should be extremely skeptical!  In my experience, anything that’s worth doing takes time and effort.

With that said, as someone who has built a successful Avon business – I CAN tell you that it’s possible to make a very decent income while working for Avon.

And, when you’re doing something you love – on your own schedule – it feels a lot less like actual work.

How Much Can you Make Selling Avon?

In 2017, I sold over $150,000 in Avon products. My total sales increased every year until I reached the top sales level of Inner Circle in 2019 by selling over $220,000 of products. Yes, you read that right!

Again, it takes a lot of hard work to succeed in any business.  Excellent customer service is critical!

But if you really want to know how to become an Avon rep and be successful, I’ll let you in on a secret:  All it really takes is passion, a desire to connect with other women while introducing quality products and sharing your passion.

This is what women do naturally – except as everyone's favorite Avon lady, you become not only a trusted friend, but a business owner who gets the privilege of empowering others every day!

Can You Work From Home Selling Avon?

become an Avon rep - make money from home

Selling Avon is a flexible, work-from-home opportunity. You can work as much or as little as you want, and you can also choose how you want to work.

Working from home selling Avon has its benefits, and the best one is that you can do it at a time that suits you.

In addition, another major perk is that you can avoid the daily commute and work in your pajamas if desired. Doesn't this sound nice?

When you become an Avon rep you can easily earn a good income by using your laptop or tablet.  If you are a stay-at-home mom looking to supplement your household income, Avon is a good idea.

Since Avon is one of the biggest direct sellers of cosmetics and skincare products in the world, the products are well-known to your friends and family.

How Much Does it Cost to Become an Avon Rep?

You may be wondering how much does it cost to become an Avon Rep. Good question!

The low investment needed to sell Avon is a great selling point. Right now, the cost of becoming an Avon rep is $30! The best part is that with your Avon starter kit, you get to choose a free product bundle.

Periodically you can join Avon for free. Check to see if the "No Money Down, $0 Start-Up Free Avon Offer" is available.


Start Your Work from Home Avon Business

become an avon rep - sell at home

I love being my own boss so I can work anytime and anywhere.

In addition, the free online store is so convenient for selling to friends and family all over the US without leaving my home.

Do you love social media? Invite your friends to an online Facebook party or share your favorite makeup and fashion looks on Instagram.

Learn everything about the new Avon products, incentives, and how to grow your business with the at-home online training classes.

When you become an Avon rep, you join a family of helpful reps sharing tips and tricks on Facebook groups.

Learn How Avon Helped Our Family

Everyone has a different success story with Avon. My "why" for selling Avon has changed throughout the years. Let me tell you how my online Avon business was an answer to our prayers during a difficult time.

Read my full story here to learn how Avon has helped to provide for my family and continues to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

What's more, if I can achieve this level of success, you certainly can too!

Does this sound like something you're wanting to try out for yourself?

Ready to join? Learn how to sell Avon today!

Easy Steps on How to Become an Avon Representative

I love being my own boss so I can work anytime and anywhere.

In addition, the free online store is so convenient for selling to friends and family all over the US. Online training helps new reps and seasoned reps like myself learn more about the new products, incentives, and how to grow our business.

Are you feeling like you're ready to give this a try?

So, if you're eager to become an Avon rep, all you need to do is complete our simple 5-minute application and your dream business will be at your fingertips!

There's no better time to invest in your future

become an Avon representative - financial freedom

Where else can you invest $30 and start your own business from home?  There is no better time to become an Avon rep!

Are you ready to join a company that's been in business for over 135 years?  The longevity of this company is just one of the many proofs that you can’t go wrong by working for Avon.

Are you ready to earn money from home and help pay your monthly bills? Or maybe go on a dream vacation?

Join my team and learn how becoming an Avon representative can change the course of your future.

I can't wait to hear how it transforms your life, just as it did mine.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start earning your first sales commission.


So What are You Waiting For?

Sign up today and start your journey to financial freedom.

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