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Avon Bubble Bath


Avon Bubble Bath

Avon Bubble bath has been a favorite product by many for years.

Treat yourself to bubbly bliss. Bring the spa treatment home with Avon Bubble Bath of your choice. New name; same product - Avon Senses Bubble Bath.

Avon Bubble Bath

Benefits of Avon Bubble Bath

Cleanse and soak yourself in bubbles that will relax and calm your mind and body.

Soothe your senses with fresh scents and enjoy long-lasting bubbles.

Relax! Enjoy up to 24 bubbly baths per bottle. It comes in a 24 fl oz bottle. Its dermatologist tested.

View the many bubble bath scents that you can enjoy.

Avon Bubble Bath

Avon Sensitive Skin Bubble Bath

Avon Bubble Bath Sale

Now everyone with tender skin can take the spa home with Avon Senses Sensitive Skin Bubble Bath.

This bubble bath is lightly scented with hints of chamomile and freesia as not to cause any irritation. This new formula is designed to form a gentle bath and soften the water. Reduces irritation, redness, and rashes unlike other products. This bath product for sensitive skin is great for daily use and all skin types.

If you have sensitive skin, try the Avon Senses Sensitive Skin Bubble Bath.

Avon Bubble Bath Scents

Dsicover the Avon bubble bath scents available for sale at the time of this post.

How to Use Avon Bubble Bath

 Its easy to use Avon bubble bath for adults and children as well.

  • Run bath water
  • Add 1-2 capfuls of Avon Bubble Bath
  • Retighten container
  • Relax and enjoy

Avon Bubble Bath Price

The price of the Avon Bubble Bath is $8. This bath product is often on sale for a special price. Check to see the Bubble Bath sales price.

Anew Bubble Bath Ingredients

View the ingredients for each bubble bath product online by clicking on the INGREDIENTS tab beside each different bubble bath product.

Avon Bubble Bath - Scents - Ingredients - Uses - Reviews

Anew Bubble Bath Reviews

View the reviews for each bubble bath product online by clicking on the REVIEWS tab under each different bubble bath product name. Here is an Avon bubble bath review of the sensitive skin product.

01/09/2018   5 Star Rating

"I've used this bubble bath for years. The lily & honeysuckle scent is my favorite. It doesn't leave a ring, either."

01/03/2018 5 Star Rating

"I absolutely love this bubble bath! I am 63 years old and have been using this since I was a child. Please don't ever stop carrying this product!!"

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