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There are many ways to shop Avon online. If you want to learn how to shop Avon brochure online successfully and get the best sales and discounts, you will want to watch my video. Learn my strategy and secret tips on how you will not only find the current Avon sales but the guaranteed best prices for the beauty products you need.

I have been an Avon representative since 2008 and aim to give great customer service to my online and face-to-face Avon customers. Helping people learn how to shop Avon online to get the best possible deals and offers is important to me. I don't just want you to buy from my Avon eStore, but I want you to enjoy the best affordable makeup and skin care products. With Avon there are always sales going on. If your favorite beauty product isn't on sale today it probably will be in a few weeks. Avon changes it's sales and deals every two weeks which is called a new campaign.

So let's get started! First step is to watch my video, "How to Shop Avon Brochure Online Successfully". Learn the easy steps to shop Avon sales online today.

Steps to Shop Avon Online

  • Go to
  • Register if you are a new Avon customer (SAVE 10% on your next order when you sign up for our emails)
  • Login if you are a current customer - use your email address and password
  • Click Show Now
  • Shop by Brochure or Category
  • Find the products you want to buy - Click the pink Add to Bag icon Add to bag
  • When you are finished shopping, go to shopping bag in upper right corner shopping bag
  • Enter coupon code if available coupon code
  • Add free Avon brochure free Avon brochure
  • If your order is $40, Avon will give you free shipping without a code
  • Pink checkout icon for credit card payment ORcheckout
  • Yellow PayPal icon Paypal
  • Look forward to receiving your Avon order within 7 days. In stock items ship within 24-48 hours after the order is received. Shipping times will vary on your location and the product availability.

Steps to Buy Avon Online at the Lowest Price

  • Go to
  • Shop by Product #
  • Search by Product Name for the product you want to buysearch by product name
  • Find the product number
  • Type the product number into each campaign by clicking the pink drop down arrow campaign
  • Add to Bag
  • Click on Shopping Cart in upper right corner
  • Compare the prices from each campaign
  • Remove the highest prices
  • Congratulations! You have successfully found the lowest price!
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