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Why Shopping Avon Online is So Convenient?

Shopping for makeup online is becoming increasingly popular. Avon is one of the leading companies when it comes to providing customers with a convenient and secure way to buy cosmetics.

Avon offers a wide range of products from makeup, skincare, fragrances, and even home items. With its easy-to-use website and mobile app, shoppers can find everything they need in one place.

Shopping Avon online makes it easy to find the perfect product for any occasion without ever having to leave the comfort of your home.

Plus, you can take advantage of special discounts and offers that are only available online.

Let me show you our current Avon digital catalog that you can view online.

Avon Online Brochure (Avon Campaign 11 2024)

Shop Avon online brochure

Ready to buy Avon online from the current Avon campaign 11 brochure? Avon shopping dates for the latest catalog are May 22 – June 4, 2024.

Experience the convenience of browsing through every catalog page with just your phone, tablet, or computer.

There is no need to wait for your Avon representative to leave an Avon catalog at your door.

Click on the brochure image to flip through each page. Tap on the image to shop for the product.

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Shop Avon Online

Shop Avon Online With My Rep (Lowest Prices)

Shop Avon online with my Rep

There are multiple ways to shop Avon online. If you want to know how to order Avon products online and get the best deals successfully, you should watch my video.

Learn tips from an experienced Avon lady on how to buy products from my online Avon store.

Learn the easy and simple steps to order Avon online today.

So let's get started! The first step is to watch my video, "How to Shop Avon Online."

How to Buy Avon Products Online? 7 Simple and Easy Steps

  1. Shop Avon online at and sign in or create an account.
  2. The first way to shop is to browse the Avon catalog.
  3. Another way to buy Avon online is to shop by category or brand. Add products to your shopping cart.
  4. If you know which product you want to purchase, this 3rd way is fast and easy. Just type your product in the search bar. Continue by adding each item to your bag.
    Add to bag
  5. After your products are in your cart, check the box for a free Avon brochure and check for other freebies.How to Shop Avon Online
  6. If you have an Avon coupon code, enter it in the appropriate box. coupon code
  7. After you have reviewed your order, add your form of payment. Click submit. Your products will be delivered to your home within 4-7 business days after processing.



How do you Order Avon Products Online from an Avon Rep? Discover Three Simple Methods

There are three easy ways to buy Avon online.

Under the Shop tab, you can view product categories by concerns and brands.

The second way is to shop by product number.

The third way is to shop from the Avon digital catalog and add items directly to your bag.

1. Shop Avon Online Brochure

You can easily browse the current Avon book online.

See the special sales and promotions in the latest Avon catalogs.

2. View Categories to Buy Avon Online

Many people know what type of Avon products they are shopping for and want to shop by category.

Are you in need of mascara or an Avon bubble bath? The sensitive skin bubble bath and bubble bath for all skin types are great for daily use.

Click on the images below of the categories to order Avon online.

Makeup - Shop Online
Skincare - Buy Online
Bath & Body Online
Avon Hair Care
Fragrance by Avon
Jewelry by Avon
Fashion by Avon
Wellness by Avon
Men's Products by Avon
Shop Avon Home
Best Avon Sales
What's New in Avon Campaign
Pink Hope Products

3. Order Avon Online by Product Number

  • Go to
  • Shop by Product #
  • Search by Product Name for the product you want to buysearch by product name
  • Find the product number
  • Type the product number into each campaign by clicking the pink drop down arrow campaign
  • Add to Bag
  • Click on Shopping Cart in upper right corner
  • Compare the prices from each campaign
  • Remove the highest prices
  • Congratulations! You have successfully found the lowest price!

Can You Buy Avon Online Without a Representative?

Absolutely! However, by shopping Avon online with a representative you will get lower product prices and free shipping with a $60 online order.

Why Shop Avon Online from Mary

I have been an Avon rep since 2008 and aim to give excellent customer service to my online and face-to-face Avon customers.

I love to help people learn how to shop Avon online to get the best possible deals and offers.

I don't just want you to buy from my Avon online store; I want you to get the best affordable makeup and skincare products for you.

With Avon, there are always sales. If your favorite beauty product isn't on sale today, it probably will be in a few weeks.

So, if you want Avon near me, navigate to Avon Login and discover this campaign's special offers.

Avon changes its sales and deals every two-week period or campaign.

Shopping Avon online from home is convenient, fast, and stress-free.

How to Save Money Shopping Avon Online

Shop Avon Online

  • Check out how easy it is to get a discount. Earn cashback on every online Avon purchase you make through Rakuten. Sign up today!
  • Are you registered to receive emails for exclusive Avon Coupons for gifts, discounts, and free shipping on $25? Register now!
  • Discover the current campaign Avon Sales and Special Offers. Don't miss out!
  • As your Avon representative, I will pay shipping charges on orders of $60 or more—just for my "special" customers!

How to Buy Avon Online Easily

Order Avon Online


  • Shop Avon Store- Browse the entire Avon product line easily by category. You can even shop the Avon sales with the click of your mouse.
  • Shop the Avon Brochure-  Don't have a paper Avon brochure? Now, you can view the latest Avon Catalog and flyers from your computer, phone, or tablet.
  • Order by Product number; if you already have an Avon brochure, enter the product numbers, correct campaign number, and quantity. It's almost like calling a local Avon lady about your order.
  • Contact Mary to Place your Avon order for you! Not everyone likes to order online. That's where I am different from other online sellers. I offer my service by placing your order online for you. So, I'd be honored to be your online rep when you are looking for an Avon representative near you. I'm a Christian grandma and Avon representative with whom you can feel confident dealing. Find my phone number under "Contact Information" and call me today.
  • Did you know that selling Avon on Amazon, eBay, or Facebook is against company policy? When you see a listing on one of these sites, please do not click on it and support these reps. Instead, shop with an honest Avon representative.

Interested in Earning Money with Avon?

Earn Money Selling Avon


Finally, becoming an Avon representative may be perfect to take advantage of a membership discount or make extra money from home.

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