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Read the Avon beauty product reviews. Avon makeup products range from lipstick, mascara, foundation, blush to nail polish. Choose which of the  best sellers and top-rated products are best for you from personal customer testimonials.

Glimmersticks Avon Eyeliner

Avon Glimmersticks Eyeliner

Glimmersticks Eyeliner

 Rated 4.4 Stars *****

Avon Review:

"LOVE this eyeliner! I've used everything out there, all the most expensive and professional eyeliners. And ya know what? This one is my favorite. It's the only eyeliner that stays put all day. Even after a long day at work, I don't have to reapply. You will be addicted to this eyeliner after you try it!"


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Avon Beyond Color Plumping Lip Conditioner

Avon Beyond Color Plumping Lip Conditioner

Beyond Color Plumping Lip Conditioner

 Rated 4.7 Stars *****

Avon Review:

"I really love this product it not only replenishes my lips and makes them soft but it also keeps them moist and not chapped especially over the winter. Use it all the time every day in fact. Try to wait for it to go on sale so I can get 2 for the price of one sometimes."

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Be Blushed Cheek Color

Avon Be Blushed Cheek Color

Be Blushed Cheek Color

 Rated 4.6 Stars *****

Avon Review:

"I love this blush stick! I have 6 different shades. Love them all. I really like the texture and ease of application. The colors are great and easy to wear. The product lasts a long time and wears well. It blends very well. I have been using this product on my 72 year old skin for a long time and will not use any other type of blush. This does not accent the pores/lines. LOVE IT!"

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Avon Wash-Off Waterproof Mascara

Avon Wash-Off Waterproof Mascara

Wash-Off Waterproof Mascara

 Rated 4.6 Stars *****

Avon Review:

"Ok, this is your basic mascara with a twist. Great for every day glam with no fuss and no touching up. I've been hooked on this mascara for years. Goes on easily, does not smudge, tear proof, rain proof AND it comes off easily with soap and water. How great is THAT!"

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