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12/11 - 12/24/2018 

 If you are reading this blog post, you're probably one of those stranded customers that hasn't seen an Avon catalogue for awhile. 

 Am I right? Well, I'm glad we found each other. 🙂 I'm here to make sure you will never miss the latest Avon brochure again.

 Avon Representative sharing latest Avon Catalog. View and Shop Avon online with free shipping on $40. #AvonRepresentative #AvonCatalog #AvonRep #AvonLady #ShopAvon #ShopAvonOnline


Avon Representative

You may be wondering if you are on the Avon Official website. No, this isn't the New Avon Corporate Office blog.....BUT you found a mom and grandma that is an Independent Avon Sales Representative. My name is Mary Bertsch and I'm happy to be your online virtual Avon Lady.

Today every Avon Rep has an online store. You may choose to shop from Avon Corporate or support an independent Avon sales rep that has a small business. 

My question is "Why buy from a large corporation when you could support a grandma trying to earn an income?" Hopefully, we will  get to know each other better and become friends as we explore the old and new Avon best selling products. 


Avon Christmas 2018

Christmas Countdown shopping is here! It is one of the best times to visit my online store if you are looking for Christmas gifts for friends.

The Avon Christmas 2018 brochure is packed full of Avon Christmas 2018. Christmas gifts from Avon #AvonChristmas #AvonCatalog #AvonChristmas2018 #AvonChristmasGifts #ChristmasGiftsunique gifts for her and him.

Some of our most popular products that customers love during the holidays are the annual pewter collectible ornaments, gift sets, stocking stuffers, perfume for women and men, holiday fashions and children products.

Take a look at the current Avon catalog campaign 1 2019. NEW Christmas products will be featured for your last minute gifts.

Make AVON one of your first Christmas shopping catalogs you shop this year for low prices and free shipping on all $40 orders.

History of Avon

First, let me tell you a little bit about how Avon started. The company started back in 1886 when David H. McConnell started the California Perfume Company. He offered women the opportunity on how to make extra money on the side. Women could relate to others easily. Therefore, selling perfume from home was started. 


His first sales agent was Mrs. Albee. Due to her successful selling and marketing techniques, she has become know as the first Avon Lady. 


Today Avon Representatives who achieve the President's Club level, receive Mrs Albee figurines to love and cherish. These Avon President Club awards are earned for selling $10,000 worth of Avon products in a year. 



Why I Sell Avon



Selling Avon


My journey selling Avon has been amazing! I had become an Avon rep in 2008 for Avon Products, Inc.  I loved trying different direct sales marketing ideas to expand my at home business. Today I proudly work for NEW Avon LLC as a successful Avon representative that I LOVE! Read my story about Is Selling Avon Worth it?
Enough of the history of Avon. I'm sure your grandma or mother bought the Avon iconic products; such as Avon Skin So Soft oil. This continues to be a best-selling Avon product.

Maybe you know of someone who sells Avon. I'm not sure the answer to, "How many Avon Reps are there?" but I know this trusted company continues to support MANY women today.

Why shop Avon online?

You get instant access to all the products; your favorites or the new products. Shopping Avon online allows you to get the introductory prices on the latest Avon stock just out.

Are you ready to start the Avon login process? Yes, today many customers like to shop Avon online. In fact, the majority of my cosmetic customers order on my eStore.

How to Buy Avon Online

Did you know you can view each Avon Book and flyer for 2018 online? It's easy to see the complete catalog page by page on my eStore. You can even shop by product groups.

Let's say you need to buy Avon lipstick online at the BEST price. All makeup products are in separate categories for your shopping convenience. 


  • Makeup
  • Lipstick

When you place your order on my online Avon Store your makeup and skin care products will be delivered to you; so no scheduling with your Avon lady is needed. Enjoy free shipping on all $40 orders.


In summary you can Buy Avon online from the current Avon brochure or browse one of the future Avon catalogs 2019 below. 

If you have questions such as, "How do I order Avon online?", please contact Mary. I can guide you or just place your order for you.


 WATCH my Video ↓ ↓ for  the

BEST Avon Catalog Sales



Avon Catalog Online

Campaign 1 2019

Avon Catalog Campaign 1 2019 is online 12/11 - 12/24/18. Shop Avon Online with free shipping on $40.
Avon Catalog Campaign 1 2019

Avon Order Dates 2019

Campaign 1 2018 Order Dates: 12/11/18 — 12/24/18

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Shop Avon Sales Online - Campaign 1 2019

Specials & Sale Items December 2018 include:

    • Don't Miss Avon Anew Sales Campaign 1 2019 - Read the Anew Reviews for best products for your skin and age.
    • Shop the best lipstick, mascara, eyeshadow, or foundation deals by viewing the Avon Makeup Sales Campaign 1 2019.
    • Looking for shower gel or Skin So Soft Bath oil Specials? Shop the Avon Bath & Body Works Sale Campaign 1 2019.
    • Need a gift for friends or family? View the Avon perfume online sales. 
    • Rings, Necklaces and Bracelets are everyone's favorites. See the special offers by shopping the online Avon Jewelry Clearance.
    • Avon Christmas gifts and stocking stuffers are online. Check out the inexpensive boxed gift sets, mini hand creams, festive lip balms, perfume gift sets and more.

Back Order from Past 2 Campaigns

  • Click on Avon Catalogs below to find Avon product numbers
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  • Enter Campaign #, Product #, Quantity for each item
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  • For more details see “How to Shop Avon New Catalog Online”
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What's Your Beauty Routine?

Does your beauty routine need an upgrade? Browse the latest Avon catalog online! #Makeup #Beauty #Skincare #Avon

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