Avon Campaign 2 2022 Brochure – Best Winter Products

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Avon Campaign 2 2022 Winter Shopping

I am so excited to share this amazing Avon Campaign 2 2022 Brochure with you!

Avon has a bunch of great winter body care products.

These winter product ideas will be a perfect treat for your dry skin conditions. I can’t wait to share these with you.

6 Ways to Combat Dry Skin Conditions with Avon

We all know winter is a time of year when the air is dry and cold, which can lead to dry skin. And since it’s the time of year when we bundle up indoors more, it’s not uncommon to experience dry skin problems.

This means that you need to take extra care of your skin. Here are a few products I suggest you use to relieve your dry skin problems.

1. Products for Dry Itchy Skin

Is the winter air affecting your skin? You need a hypoallergenic, fragrance-free soothing calming cream now. It will instantly moisturize your skin and relieve irritation. Winter-proof your skin with Avon’s Physiogel body care products.

2. Moisture Barrier Creams

Do you have dry, tight, sensitive winter skin? Avon has the solution with their Physiogel line that has lipids to help you strengthen your skin’s moisture barrier and restore hydration for visibly healthy skin.

3. Hydrate with Hemp

Dry winter skin craves replenishing moisture and natural nourishment hemp-derived creams and dry body oils are formulated to help keep skin feeling hydrated, happy and healthy.

CBD Oil, from hemp stalk and leaves, has fatty acids, B-complex vitamins, and antioxidants to help soothe stressed-out skin.

Hemp Seed Oil has omega 3-6-9 fatty acids and vitamin E to help nourish and hydrate for visibly healthy radiance.

4. Moisture Boosting Products by Avon

Moisture Therapy is formulated to treat a variety of dry-skin conditions. Choose the formula to target your skin’s winter woes, with instant and lasting relief.

5. Benefits of Nut Oils for Skin

Formulas with nut oils are infused with nourishing vitamins, replenishing omega acids and protective antioxidants to help keep skin moisturized with a healthy-looking glow.

6. Lock in Moisture

An oil-based moisturizer is a must for dry winter months because it helps skin retain needed moisture. Skin So Soft, with signature oils, locks in hydration during and after your bath or shower.

You can get all these dry skin products from the latest winter Avon campaign 2 2022 brochure.

When Can You Shop Avon Campaign 2 2022 Catalog?

Avon campaign 2 Brochure 2022

A new Avon campaign comes out every two weeks. There are 26 campaigns for the year.

In addition, you can backorder from a brochure for an additional two weeks. Backordering can be done online by shopping by product number.

If you shop locally from an Avon representative, tell the rep which campaign brochure you are shopping from.

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Avon Campaign 2 2022 Dates:

Shopping Dates for Avon Campaign 2 2022: 12/22/21 through 01/04/2022

Backorder by Shopping Avon Product Number

January 5 – January 18, 2022

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How to Order Avon Online from Avon Catalog Campaign 2

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