Top Avon Coupon Codes 2024 (New May Promo Codes)

Are you looking for the current Avon coupon code 2024?

Do you want coupon codes for Avon that work?

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As an experienced Avon Representative, I will keep you informed of the best Avon promo codes, discounts, and free product offers.

What's best is that when you shop Avon online with me, you will get an exclusive free product with every order of $60 or more.

But, that's not all!

I will also pay for your shipping cost on all orders of $60 or more. No Avon coupon code is needed.

Want to know the special offers for the current campaign?

Let's get started.

Avon coupon codes

Avon Deals May 2024

Avon catalog deals

So here I've listed the incredible specials for the Avon Campaign 11 2024 book.

Discover these exciting gifts from our current Avon brochure, and make the most of these limited-time offers!

To take advantage of the discounts, visit my website and click "Special Offers." You'll save big on Avon products!

Avon special offers

Hurry! Check out these limited-time Avon Deals and Specials ending on Tuesday, June 4, 2024:

Avon Skincare Special Offers

  • Free Isa Knox LXNEW Clean Nourishing Cream Cleanser with select $40 skincare purchase. SHOP NOW
  • Free Anew Power Serum with $35 of select skincare purchase. SHOP NOW

Avon Perfume Special Offers

  • Free LYRD Peony Rose Perfume ($24 value) with select $35 fragrance purchase  SHOP NOW

Avon Bath & Body Special Offers

  • Free Avon Senses Gratitude Lavender & Cedarwood Shower Steamers ($26 value) with select $30 purchase  SHOP NOW

Avon Makeup Special Offers

  • Free fmg Waterproof Lip & Eye Makeup Remover with a select $25 makeup purchase SHOP NOW

Avon Clearance Sales

  • Flash Sale: Save up to 65%  SHOP NOW
  • Limited-Time Bundles Starting at $5.99 SHOP NOW

Avon Monthly Sweepstakes

  • Enter to win beauty giveaway worth over $500 ENTER NOW

Active Avon Coupon Codes May 2024

Avon Coupon Codes for customers

Shop with me as your Avon representative and place a $60 order to receive free shipping.

Fill out the form below to join my email newsletter list and receive information about the latest campaign offers and coupon codes.

10% Off Avon Coupon Code May 2024

Avon coupon codes (discount promo)

It's back! I'm so excited to share with my customers that the Avon 10% off coupon code, WELCOME10, is back for a limited time.

Important fact! The Avon discount code new customer WELCOME10 is for one-time use only.

When should you use this code? I encourage my new customers to take advantage of getting 10% off their first order. Get full advantage of this one-time code by stocking up on products and placing a large order.

The best deal is when you place an order of around $70, so you can also get free shipping from me on a $60 order.


Avon Promo Codes May 2024

Avon Coupon Codes for free gifts

Have you been searching for an Avon code finder? Don't stress—the latest codes will come directly to your email inbox. Get an Avon rep coupon code now.

Below, I've listed the monthly offers I make for my customers using the promotion tool provided by Avon.

Periodically throughout the month, I will email you the Avon free gift with purchase offers. Other promotions I offer are complimentary shipping and 10% discount codes.

Avon Free Shipping Code on Any Order of $60 or More

Avon free shipping on $60

Free Shipping for $60 orders every day.

No Avon coupon code for free shipping is needed.

No Expiration Date

How to Find and Use Avon Coupon Codes that Work

Top Avon Coupon Codes 2024

Do you want to get a discount on your beauty products?

Don't want to have to pay for shipping?

Total Time: 10 minutes

Order Avon Online at

Top Avon Coupon Codes 2024

Start your Avon online shopping by typing in your browser. You will now be on Mary's Online Store. Do you see the picture of Avon Representative, Mary Bertsch, with her two granddaughters? Perfect! You are ready to go to the 2nd step in ordering Avon online.

Create Avon Account with Representative

Top Avon Coupon Codes 2024

Now you are ready to create an Avon account to qualify you for the lowest prices, free shipping, and free gifts.

Enter your email address and create a unique password consisting of a minimum of 8 characters including various alphabetical characters, numbers, and symbols.

Sign in to Avon Account at

Top Avon Coupon Codes 2024

Log into your Avon account by entering your email address and password. If you can't remember your password, click on "forgot password". Check your email for a link to reset your password.

How to Order Avon Products

Top Avon Coupon Codes 2024

Browse the website for products by searching by product, adding the product number, shopping by category, or viewing the Avon Brochure.

Add products to your shopping bag.

How to View Avon Shopping Cart

Top Avon Coupon Codes 2024

Click on the shopping bag in the upper left corner.

How to Get Free Avon Brochure by Mail

Top Avon Coupon Codes 2024

Under Special Offers click on the box to add a free Avon Catalog with your order.

Get Free Gift when you shop with an Avon Representative

Top Avon Coupon Codes 2024

When you shop Mary's online store, you will receive a free gift and free shipping with your $60 order.

How to add Avon Coupon Code to order

Top Avon Coupon Codes 2024

Add a current active Avon coupon code and click "Apply".

How to Pay for your Avon Online Order

Top Avon Coupon Codes 2024

Submit order by confirming your shipping and billing address. Add your credit card or PayPal information.

Click on the black Submit Order button.

Avon Discounts for Representatives (4 Benefits)

What are the benefits of being an Avon Personal Shopper?

If you would like to get a personal shopper discount, joining Avon may be a good option for you.

Four advantages of setting up your Avon membership account as a personal shopper are:

  1. Join for free
  2. An Avon Membership discount saves you 25% off your own orders of $40+ of beauty products (makeup, skincare, personal care, health and wellness, and more)
  3. Get a free website where you can sell Avon to friends
  4. LG Appliance discount perks

1. Join Avon for Free

Join Avon for free as a personal shopper


Become an Avon Personal Shopper for free.

2. Avon Membership Discount

Avon membership discount


Get 25% off with an Avon membership discount when you join Avon as a personal shopper.


3. Get a Free Avon Website

Avon free website



Sell to your friends and family on your free personal Avon website.


4. Avon LG Electronics Discount

Avon LG Discount

Get 20% off LG Electronics!

Join the Avon x LG Partnership to earn 20% on electronics and 25% on beauty products.

  • LG Earbuds
  • LG Wireless Stereo Headset
  • Blu-ray Disc Player
  • LG XBOOM Portable Speaker

The best thing about online shopping is having the items shipped directly to your home.

Want to get discounts, free products and free shipping?

Don't shop without checking this blog post to save money! I'm excited to share these current codes for your shopping pleasure.

Avon Coupon Code Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get current Avon coupons?

By creating an Avon account and subscribing to emails, you will be the first to know about the latest coupon codes for free shipping, discounts, and free product offers.

How do I get free shipping on Avon?

By ordering $60 of Avon you will get free shipping when shopping from an Avon Representative. To get other Avon free shipping coupon codes email your Avon rep asking for a promo code.

Does Avon still have free shipping on $25?

Occasionally, Avon offers their customers free shipping on $25 online orders. Sometimes these free shipping codes will be during long weekends, for example, Memorial Day Weekend.

How much does Avon charge for shipping?

Customers will pay $8 for shipping on Avon orders $1-$59. Orders over $60 will be free shipping when you shop Avon online from a Representative's store.

What benefits can I get from shopping with an Avon representative?

By shopping from an Avon representative, you will receive the lowest product prices, free shipping, discount coupons, and free product offers.

How do I use my Avon coupons on online orders?

Add the coupon code at checkout. Click apply and the free shipping, discount, or free product will be added.

Is there a website that shows all the current Avon coupon codes?

Easily find the monthly Avon coupon codes, discount codes, and free shipping coupons at the beauty blog,

Avon Free Shipping Coupon Code 2024

Avon coupon codes


Spend $60 or more on Avon products for free shipping at my Avon Website. NO coupon code is needed for this free shipping offer!

Your favorite Avon products will be delivered to your front door.

Online shopping for women has never been so good!

New Avon Sales 2024 are in full swing over at my online store.

Check out the beauty deals and learn how to save money on a tight budget.

How to Save Money Shopping Avon Online

Shop Avon Online

  • Check out how easy it is to get a discount. Earn cashback on every online Avon purchase you make through Rakuten. Sign up today!
  • Are you registered to receive emails for exclusive Avon Coupons for gifts, discounts, and free shipping on $25? Register now!
  • Discover the current campaign Avon Sales and Special Offers. Don't miss out!
  • As your Avon representative, I will pay shipping charges on orders of $60 or more—just for my "special" customers!

How to Buy Avon Online Easily

Order Avon Online


  • Shop Avon Store- Browse the entire Avon product line easily by category. You can even shop the Avon sales with the click of your mouse.
  • Shop the Avon Brochure-  Don't have a paper Avon brochure? Now, you can view the latest Avon Catalog and flyers from your computer, phone, or tablet.
  • Order by Product number; if you already have an Avon brochure, enter the product numbers, correct campaign number, and quantity. It's almost like calling a local Avon lady about your order.
  • Contact Mary to Place your Avon order for you! Not everyone likes to order online. That's where I am different from other online sellers. I offer my service by placing your order online for you. So, I'd be honored to be your online rep when you are looking for an Avon representative near you. I'm a Christian grandma and Avon representative with whom you can feel confident dealing. Find my phone number under "Contact Information" and call me today.
  • Did you know that selling Avon on Amazon, eBay, or Facebook is against company policy? When you see a listing on one of these sites, please do not click on it and support these reps. Instead, shop with an honest Avon representative.

Interested in Earning Money with Avon?

Earn Money Selling Avon


Finally, becoming an Avon representative may be perfect to take advantage of a membership discount or make extra money from home.

become avon rep for free

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