Avon Pewter Christmas Ornaments


2015 Bell Pewter Ornament

Avon Pewter Christmas Ornament



Avon Pewter Christmas Ornaments have been collected by many for years. Now you can add this 2015 Bell Pewter Ornament to your annual Avon collectibles. This timeless piece will accent your tree in the design of a classic bell with red rhinestone accents. It comes in a velvet-like pouch. The size of the ornament is approximately 2 1/3 ” H x 1 1/2″ W. You can order this priceless piece online with your credit card or Pay Pal. Have it shipped to your home or as a gift to a friend or relative. This Pewter ornament will become available for purchase in Avon campaign 24 2015 on October 27, 2015 so mark your calendars. Shop early as there is usually a limited amount made. Click here to buy Avon Pewter Christmas Ornaments.


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Avon Pewter Christmas Ornaments



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