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Avon Christmas Gift Ideas

Avon Christmas 2020 is here! Just in time for the Christmas countdown! What a magical time it is!

Don't Stress! I'm here to make your life easier this holiday season.

Are you trying to find affordable Christmas gift ideas?

Maybe something unique to match their personality?

Avon Christmas Gifts

Read on to find the Avon Christmas gift guide 2020.

Let me help you find the best Christmas gifts for:

  • friends
  • for mom
  • for her
  • for him
  • for dad
  • girls
  • for kids

Yes, Avon has trending holiday gift ideas for everyone on your list. Even hard-to-buy-for folks!

Here are some of the new top-selling Avon holiday products for 2020. Find top-rated holiday decor, Avon gift sets, collectible pewter ornament, holiday makeup palettes, and toys for kids.

From grown-ups to kids -- See what Avon has to offer!

So much to choose from!

Avon Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Don't be overwhelmed this year by trying to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. With the features of online shopping at Avon, you will be done in record time.

Avon's holiday gift guide 2020 helps you shop for personal, thoughtful gifts for him and her.

Look at the holiday gift guide prices:

Whatever your price range is, there is something for everyone!


Shop the Avon Holiday Gift Guide!



Avon Perfume Gift Sets

Looking for some easy Christmas gifts? The Avon perfume gift sets for him and her are ready to give.

No wrapping needed as they are in a festive box!

Perfume are one of our BEST selling gift products during the holidays. Which is your favorite?

These make easy inexpensive gifts for moms, friends, co-workers, girls, and don't forget your grandma. How about your special friend in the retirement center?

Avon fragrances for men are also very popular.

My top selling products for men are Black Suede and Wild Country. Include a collection of fragrance, after-shave conditioner, hair and body wash, and deodorant.

What an easy and thoughtful gift!


Cheap Christmas Gifts

Avon Christmas 2020 catalogs are out for the holiday season!

There are so many affordable luxuries that make great holiday gifts or to enjoy for your holiday parties.

Don't Miss...

View the 2020 Avon Christmas gifts that are in Campaign 24, 25 and 26 2020 and Campaign 1 2021.

Avon Collectibles

For 2020 shop must-have Avon limited-edition iconic collectibles for you to cherish.

Shop early as these collectibles are highly wanted by many types of collectors.

Avon Pewter Christmas Ornaments

NEW 2020 Avon pewter ornaments are fine collectibles.

The Avon pewter Christmas ornament 2020 is a vintage-inspired pewter tree ornament. Avon pewter ornament 2020

For only $12.99 the pewter ornament includes a beautiful red velvet keepsake pouch and easy-to-hang tassel.

On the back is stamped "Source of fine collectibles AVON 2020".

Get this limited edition Avon collectible online.

SHOP EARLY as these items are in Limited Quantities!


Avon Charmed Collectible Perfume

Have you heard the buzz about Avon's $1200 perfume?

Yes, it's true!

This is Avon's most opulent fragrance yet. Avon Charmed Peacock Fragrance reflects our proud heritage and presents a powerful and beautiful scent experience laced with sophistication.

Avon Charmed Perfume Collectible

Only 1,886 exclusively numbered pieces made make this a true Avon collectible.

The bottle is incredibly exquisite with 18K gold finish peacock that sits on a beautiful column. The peacock's tail is embellished with 21 Swarovski crystals.

It is also packaged in a charming wooden, collectible gift box.

Not only is the bottle and box elegant, but this Avon premium fragrance is made with the most precious oils.

Be enticed by a radiant burst of crisp neroli as lily of the valley and jasmine absolute create a delicate floral veil. Notes of warm musk add a seductive dimension to this captivating fragrance.

So alluring! So enchanting!


Avon Charmed Collectible Fragrance



Want a Discount on Avon Collectibles?


How would you like to buy this Avon Collectible Charmed Peacock Fragrance at a discount?

When you shop from Mary Bertsch, Avon Representative, you will only be paying $1,000. That's right! You will get $200 off the retail price.

For an even better deal, get $520 off the price of the Avon Charmed collectible investment when you take advantage of the free Avon signup. Yes, you could get a 25% discount on your Christmas shopping. Why not check out how easy it is to save money during the holidays?

Buy Your Avon Collectibles

  • 2020 Avon Pewter Ornament with the collectible stamp on back. Buy for $12.99
  • Avon Charmed Perfume - Collectible 18K gold finished peacock-shaped bottle embellished with 21 Swarovski crystals.


Shop Avon Christmas Products

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Shop Avon Holiday Gift Guide

Want the Latest Sales & Specials?

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How to Buy Avon Products Online

  1. Shop Avon eStore - Browse the entire Avon product line easily by categories. You can even shop the Avon sales with the click of your mouse.
  2. Avon online eBrochure -  Don't have a paper Avon brochure to look at? Now you can view the latest Avon Catalog and flyers from your desktop computer. Find your list of Avon beauty products that are essential for your skincare and makeup look. Click "add to bag", submit your shopping cart order, pay with PayPal or credit/debit card and your order will be delivered in 4-7 business days. That's right! It will come right to your mailbox!
  3. Order by Product number If you already have an Avon catalog, enter the product numbers, correct campaign number, and quantity. It's almost like calling in your order to a local Avon lady.
  4. Contact Mary to Place your Avon order for youNot everyone likes to order online. That's where I am different from other online sellers. I offer my service by placing your order online for you. So when you are looking for an Avon representative near you, I'd be honored to be your online rep. I'm a Christian grandma and Avon Representative who you can feel confident dealing with. Send me an email with your phone number and I will call you back to place your order.
  5. Did you know selling Avon on Amazon, eBay or Facebook is against company policy? When you see a listing on one of these sites, please do not click on it and support these reps. Instead, shop from a grandma who is an honest Avon representative.

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