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Avon online shopping for women has become the best choice in today’s beauty and fashion market. Going on a cyber shopping spree has many women checking their email daily.

What’s the best fashion bargain online today?

What are the latest makeup trends 2018?

Some of the best online shopping websites are offering free shipping today offers!

Whatever your favorite beauty products are, Avon most likely has it. Probably at the best price also!



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So what kind of questions do you have regarding shopping Avon online? Read on to find the answers to the questions most searched on Google today.


Can You Buy Avon Online?

Buy Online Now” is one of the easiest and fastest way to get your shopping done. Just think….you don’t have to leave your home and fight the traffic.

To me, this is one of the BIGGEST benefits of online shopping.

As with any online shop, the Avon online store has beautiful images and product descriptions. Don’t forget to check out the customer reviews when choosing your products.

Every two weeks a new campaign comes out with exciting new products and sales. Check out the latest Avon Catalog online. 


BUT, You are wondering, “Is it hard to order Avon online?”


YES, you can buy Avon online with ease. Let me show you how.


  1. Shop by Categories
  2. Find the beauty and fashion item you want to order
  3. Add the product to your shopping bag
  4. Continue shopping or buy your product
  5. Add free Avon brochure
  6. Create an account before you buy
  7. Checkout and pay
  8. Finalize your purchase by adding your payment information and address



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How to Buy Avon Online

So you went through my steps on How to Buy Avon Online and are still having difficulties. Don’t worry! I’m your online Avon Lady and can help you.

Whatever your concern is, let me be of assistance.



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Avon Password Reset

Did you forget your password or it just doesn’t work? Try navigating to the Avon Login screen. Click on Forgot Password. To reset your password enter your email address and click Reset Password. You should receive an email with further instructions. If this still doesn’t work, call Avon Customer Service 800-500-2866. You may also checkout as a guest.


Avon Payment Options

Current Avon payment options are: PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express and MasterCard or Visa gift cards. If you are a frequent customer and want faster checkout, you can store up to 10 different credit cards.

Unfortunately, personal checks or money orders are not an acceptable form of payment for online orders.


Can I Pay Avon with PayPal?

YES, you can pay Avon online with PayPal. PayPal is a fast and safe way to make an online payment. Use PayPal to securely send payments at many online shops.


Credit Card Error Messages

  • Make sure your billing address and phone number matches what is on your credit card bill.
  • Check for typos or misspellings of your name, address, city and state.
  • If you have just moved, call your credit card company to see if they have your old address or new address listed.
  • Make sure you have entered your credit card number, expiration date and security code correctly.
  • Only click the Place Order button once. If you click it several times, your bank may place another hold on your funds.
  • After your credit card is authorized, the funds are put on hold. Once the Avon online order is shipped, the payment will be actually processed. The hold is removed once the transaction has been complete. Every bank is different, so please call your bank to see what their policies are for holds.
  • Sometimes there are instances when your bank system may be down. Unfortunately, orders would not be able to go through until that issue has been taken care of.


Avon Shipping Cost

Shipping and handling charges for Avon eStore orders is $6.95 when they are less than $40. For all direct delivery orders $40 or more your will enjoy free shipping automatically.

Want your order within 2 business days? The fee for expediated delivery is $15.90.

Need your order the next day? For expediated next business day delivery the charge is $20.90.


Shipping Hazardous Materials

Under the Federal Transportation Law shipping hazardous materials cannot be done. Avon must ship fragrances, nail enamels and some bath & body products by standard ground delivery only. This means that these products cannot be shipped to Hawaii.


Avon Shipping to Hawaii and Alaska

There will be an additional fee applied to your order of 15% of your purchase total for shipping to Alaska and Hawaii. The mininum charge will be $7. Products that are deemed as hazardous under the Federal Transportation Law cannot be shipped. If you wish to purchase these products, you will have to find a local representative.


Is there tax on Avon orders?

You will be charged state and local tax on your Avon online purchases. When you first place your order, this amount will be estimated. When your order is shipped, the total amount of your order will be emailed to you. You will also receive the tracking number.


Can you Return Avon Products?

Customer service has been a top priority at Avon. We stand behind every product we sell. If you are not completely satisfied, Avon will give you a full refund if it is within 90 days. Check out the Avon 90-day Money Back Guarantee. If the reason for your return is Avon’s fault, we will refund your shipping cost. However, if you just want to return an item you will be charged the return shipping fee.


How Do I Contact Avon by Phone?

You can contact Avon in several ways. The Avon Customer Service number is 800-367-2866. You can ask any questions regarding products or services.

  • Need an Avon Representative
  • Want to become a Representative
  • I want to order products
  • Where is my order?
  • I need to return a product
  • Questions about a product
  • Other Questions

For immediate assistance you can do a Live Chat on my Avon Store.



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How Do I Become an Avon Representative Online?

Becoming an Avon representative can be a profitable business. I have built a successful business overy the last 10 years. Read my view on Is Selling Avon Worth It?

Does it take hard consistent work? Yes, but it is WORTH IT! Learn more details on how you can become an Avon rep. Those that work hard will reap the benefits.



Need Help Placing Avon Order?

As your online virtual Avon Representative, I would love to help you place your Avon order. Contact Mary today for personalize service.

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  1. Avatar of Charmaine wall Charmaine wall on September 10, 2021 at 6:08 am

    Please assist my Avon account number 108370651 C wall, we was trying to get order through quickly, codes was wrong, when my leader got sick and died, Tersia Henze, got orders

    • Avatar of Mary Bertsch, Avon Rep Mary Bertsch, Avon Rep on September 13, 2021 at 10:52 am

      Hi Charmaine,
      So sorry to hear about your Avon rep. Please call the Avon Customer Service number 1-866-513-2866 for assistance.
      Mary Bertsch
      Avon Online Sales Representative

  2. Avatar of Liza Liza on May 3, 2021 at 4:25 pm

    I am looking on my campaign 11 page 139, the the pearly initial necklace with letter G. I would like to purchase this item. but i have been told that this necklace is not available right now. So i would like to know when it can be available? as its for my grand daughter that her name is Gabi for her Birthday! So please try to reorder this necklace, so I can get it .
    Thank u for your help to be appreciated


    • Avatar of Mary Bertsch, Avon Representative Mary Bertsch, Avon Representative on May 5, 2021 at 1:01 pm

      Hi Liza,

      Sorry for the shortage of this necklace. What you can do is click on the “Join the Waitlist” and Avon will send you an email when it is available. I actually did this for you so you will receive an email when the necklace is back in stock. You will then be able to buy Avon online with free shipping on $60.

      Thanks so much for shopping Avon online!

      I appreciate your business.

      Your Avon Representative, Mary Bertsch

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