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I’ve been anxiously waiting to reveal one of our newest products, Avon kids vitamins!

Why, you ask?  Because I love products that solve my customer’s needs, and I know these vitamins are going to be a game-changer for many parents.

If you have ever worried about your child’s nutrition habits, you’ve probably spent a lot of time comparing vitamin options at the drugstore.

Read on to find out why Avon Kids Vitamins from our Espira supplements line might be a good choice for your family!

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Avon Kids Vitamins: Now Available


Are Avon Kids Vitamins Right for You?

My granddaughter is six and although my daughter serves her healthy options for each meal, she can sometimes be a picky eater!

Even if your child loves fruits and veggies, most people are aware that many of the foods we buy today lose some of their nutritional value by the time it gets to the dinner table.

And that’s IF you’re able to sit at the dinner table each night and prepare a home-cooked meal.

If your kids attend church, sports or other extra-curricular activities, it can be hard to have the time to even cook!  Fast food is sometimes the only option for busy families on those busy nights.

The combination of these factors can be worrisome for parents who want the best for their kids but aren’t sure how to close those gaps between what they want them to eat and what they often actually eat.

And it’s true that most of kids’ nutritional needs should still be met through food, of course.

But because of our fast-paced lives, food that travels across the country to get to us, and these picky tendencies that kids have, many parents look to a supplement to make sure their children are getting the vitamins and minerals they require.


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The Advantages of Avon Kids Vitamins

What makes Avon kids vitamins stand out, in my view, is that they have taken much care to ensure that their product is safe and free from all the JUNK you don’t want your kids consuming.

Because it would be ironic to choose a vitamin that could be more harmful than helpful, wouldn’t it?

Espira supplements are formulated with the highest quality, Non-GMO ingredients; they contain no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavors, and they are created by experts in the industry who only want what’s best for your family.

Avon kids vitamins include 100% daily value of 20 vitamins and minerals.

Please visit my Avon estore to view the full product information and to browse other great wellness products from our Espira supplements line.

As your personal Avon representative, I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have!

Contact me if you need help placing your order or if you need to order Avon by phone.


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