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Last Updated on September 28, 2017 by Mary Bertsch, Avon Rep

Have you see that the Anew Cleansers have been tagged “While Supplies Last”? We all know what that means for an Avon product. Yes, these Avon discontinued cleansers are being replaced by the Anew Clean line. If you are in love with the discontinued Anew cleansers, you may still purchase them at an amazing low price of $6.99 each. Of course, since they are in limited quantities you should order soon.


Avon Discontinued Cleansers


What? Avon Discontinued Cleansers?



NEW UPDATE 9/28/17:


 **Anew Ultimate Cleanser Back by Popular Demand**


Anew Ultimate Cream Cleanser

Anew Ultimate Cream Cleanser is Back



Avon Discontinued Cleansers


Stock Up NOW:

Avon Anew Discontinued Cleansers

Their are several Avon cleansers that are being discontinued. I have listed the Avon discontinued cleansers below. To purchase these products online shop Avon by quick item entry. Enter the product number and quantity you wish to purchase. As these items are in limited availability, please order now.


Oh No, What will I use now…..

It Gets Better:

No worries! Avon has some new amazing cleansing products out! Customers have asked and Avon has listened. I’m happy to introduce customized cleansers for every skin type and any need. You will love the NEW Anew Clean collection of cleansing and conditioning products. These new Anew cleansers are powerful and yet very gentle to your skin.    Avon Discontinued Cleansers

Did you know?

These cleansers don’t contain soap** or alcohol that can dry out skin.

**Except the Illuminating Rich Foam Cleanser


New Avon Cleansers

You will love the new and improved Avon cleansers. They vary by form so choosing the right cleanser is easy. Our gel, foam, and cream forms address the needs of specific skin types. I have helped you find your skin type from the list below. The scrub, wipes and no-rinse forms are for all skin types and other additional benefits. Avon also has a new vibrating cleansing brush that is a must-have for getting your face super clean.Avon Discontinued Cleansers


Have you been asking Avon for a TONER?

Avon’s latest innovations include a toner which leaves skin feeling refined and conditioned. I’m going to love this one! View the Anew Clean Revitalizing Toner benefits.

Hot Product Alert:

Imagine washing you face with no water! The Anew Clean Micellar Cleansing Water cleanses, hydrates and tones. Apply with cotton pad and smooth over face. No rinse needed.

Avon Cleansing Brush


Cleanses 5X Better

Avon-Cleansing-brush     Want to clean your face better? You are going to love this Avon vibrating cleansing brush. The vibrating action of this brush will clean your face 5X better than with hands only. Use with and of the Avon Clean cleansers; foam, cream and gel. View the Avon Cleansing Brush price. Who know’s it may be on sale today!


How to Use Avon Cleansing Brush


  • Wet brush head
  • Dispense cleanser onto hands and massage over face
  • Gentle move cleansing brush over face in a circular motion for 1 to 2 minutes
  • Rinse face
  • Remove and rinse brush head


But Here’s the Kicker:

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Avon Discontinued Cleansers

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