Avon Pewter Ornaments

Avon Pewter Ornaments Christmas 2021

Avon Pewter Ornaments 2021 Collectors, here’s what you have been waiting for! The new Avon Pewter Ornaments 2021 are here! Easily order these collectibles from my Avon Store. Online shopping for Avon pewter Christmas ornament 2021 starts October 12, 2021.   This year the exclusive holiday ornament is the 2021 Starry Night Pewter Ornament. This Avon…

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Avon Christmas Ornaments 2016

I had the privilege of attending Avon’s annual conference called RepFest 2016 in August. They gave us a sneak peek preview of the Avon Christmas ornaments 2016. The Product Expo display of this coming holiday season’s products was amazing. The products came alive in creative, interactive displays. The displays were gorgeous and got everyone excited…

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