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Hi! I'm Mary Bertsch, an over-60 grandma turned beauty blogger.

Come join my journey into the wonderful world of Avon products!

Whether you've ordered from an Avon catalog before or you've never tried our products, there is always something new to love with Avon!

From our best selling Skin So Soft and Anew skin care lines, to Korean makeup, bath and body products, jewelry and fashion -- I think you'll find what you're looking for, and probably much more!

I love offering my customers the opportunity to shop Avon online. It's so convenient for women in today's fast paced world. However, as your personal Avon representative, I'm only a call or an email away if you have any questions or need to order by phone.

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Avon Representative, Mary Bertsch

Avon Campaign 19 2013|August Brochure

By Mary Bertsch | August 16, 2013

Updated August 16, 2013Avon Campaign 19 2013 New August Brochure   Shop Avon Campaign 19 2013 Online August 16 through August 29, 2013 Backorder through September 26, 2013 What’s New in Avon Campaign 19 2013? Here are a few of my handpicked new Avon products I chose for my customers. I love each and every…

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New Avon Campaign 18 Catalog|August 2013

By Mary Bertsch | August 13, 2013

Updated August 13, 2013 New Avon Campaign 18 Catalog for August 2013 Shop Avon Campaign 18 Catalog online August 2 through August 15, 2013 Backorder through September 12, 2013  What’s New in Avon Campaign 18 2013?   Skin So Soft Aroma + Therapy Calming -Scents of lavender calm your daily stress with touchplex scent technologySkin…

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Avon 6 Campaign | Avon Brochure 6 | Avon Brochure

By Mary Bertsch | February 22, 2013

Updated February 22, 2013 Avon Campaign 6 is Live!  Check it out Below! Check it out right now, by simply clicking the image below, TONS of awesome buys inside! Share this post with your friends!0sharesShareTweetPin

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Avon Catalog 24 | New Avon Catalog | Avon Brochure 24

By Mary Bertsch | October 27, 2012

Updated October 27, 2012 Look what just came out? It’s the new Avon Brochure 24! Check it out right now, by simply clicking the image below, TONS of awesome buys inside! Light! Music! Christmas!  The new Avon catalog is loaded with incredible Christmas decor, apparel and more!  Why not start your Christmas shopping early this…

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Avon Brochure | Avon 23 Brochure | Avon Catalog 23

By Mary Bertsch | October 25, 2012

Updated October 25, 2012 Rock Your Holidays With Bon Jovi and Avon Brochure 23! Introducing…… Interested in shopping the current Avon catalog? Just click either the image above or below and browse the entire brochure with just the click of the mouse! And while your shopping, don’t forget to check out this awesome Avon Halloween…

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Avon Campaign 20 | September Avon Brochure 2012 | Free Shipping

By Mary Bertsch | September 1, 2012

Updated September 1, 2012 The latest brochure from Avon is here!  That is, Avon Brochure 20, the latest from the Avon Catalog of products. (Feel free to browse the catalog by clicking the image above.)     Special Shipping Bonus! Are you sick of paying for shipping?  Then you don’t want to miss out on…

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