Avon Korean Beauty Products

What are Korean Beauty Products?

Have you heard of Korean beauty? Are you a Korean beauty lover? If not, let me tell you a little bit about the products.

South Korean skin care products are very popular in beauty circles.

Now you can buy Korean Beauty Products in the USA!



Korean Beauty Products


Here are a few words that come to my mind when describing Korean beauty:

  • Super luxurious formulas
  • Top trends
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Innovative key-ingredients
  • Beautiful fun packaging
  • Glowing results
  • Affordability

These must-have Korean beauty products set the trends in today's makeup and skincare products. The formulas behind these beauty products are incredible! The result is flawless skin and anti-aging routines that really work.

The South Korean skin care approach is about prevention. Their skin care routines focus on prevention of skin problems before they become visible.

These best-in-class products are sought after by many beauty lovers and makeup artists today.

Flawless Skin Could be Yours!


Korean Beauty Products: What does K Beauty Mean?

K Beauty is merely an overall term for Korean beauty products; skin care and makeup derived from South Korea. Check out Wikipedia's definition of K Beauty Products.



Korean skincare steps

What are the 10 Steps in Korean Skincare?

Although all skin is different, here is a guide for Korean skincare steps. Korean beauty products can be the secret to your younger-looking skin.

How many of these skincare steps are in your routine?

  1. First Cleanse: Use an oil-based makeup remover to remove makeup, impurities, and sunscreen. By using an oil-based cleanser, stubborn mascara and eye makeup will come off with less rubbing.
  2. Second Cleanse: Use a water-based cleanser to remove dirt and sweat. If not cleansed daily, your pores can clog. My favorite is the Rice Water Bright Foaming Cleanser. Lather a tiny amount of this whipped cream-like foaming cleanser with water for an amazing feel. Not only will it effectively remove makeup residue, but it will leave your skin moisturized, clearer, and radiant. It even comes in a facial wipe for refreshing at home and while you travel.
  3. Exfoliate: Remove dead cells so your skin care products are more effective. Exfoliation should only be done once or twice a week. This routine will leave your skin brighter and smoother.
  4. Toner balances skin and adds hydration, so your skin can better absorb serums and moisturizers.
  5. Essence: These retinol and glycolic acid products are a combination of a toner and a serum. They hydrate and aid in cell repair. Serums will now absorb better.
  6. Treatments: Use a personalized treatment for your specific skin type. Discover a hyaluronic acid serum for dry skin or possibly a Vitamin C serum for a brighter complexion. Are you looking for a Korean anti-aging serum? The Therapy Oil Drop Anti-Aging Serum by The Face Shop uses natural blending oils to care for aging skin by protecting moisture.
  7. Eye Cream: Treating the delicate eye area is important. Choose an eye cream product that addresses your personal concerns.
  8. Moisturizer: A good face moisturizer will act like a seal for the previous skincare treatments applied. If you haven't tried The Therapy products, this is a must-have anti-aging formula product to add to your routine. My suggestion is The Therapy Oil Blending Formula Cream by Avon. It has an all-in-one blending formula of rich moisture cream and natural essential oils, perfect for anti-aging, hydration, and nourishing your skin. For extra-dry and damaged skin Dr Belmeur Cica Recovery Cream is a premium brand suitable for sensitive skin. For instant hydration, I suggest the Dr Belmeur Advanced Cica Hydro Cream. It contains both cica and hyaluronic acid to provide hydration and relieve irritated skin. You can even use it as a heel, elbow, or hand cream.
  9. Sheet masks—you will love this self-care step! There are sheet masks for sensitive skin, oily skin, dry skin, and even acne. The instructions on how to apply sheet masks to the face are easy. Enjoy this spa day feature once or twice a week!
  10. Sun block: An important part of your morning skin care routine is to apply a face sunscreen. The SPF will protect your skin from harmful sun. This is a must-have product for the prevention of aging skin.

Korean Beauty Products Online

Looking to order K  Beauty products online? Here's a new way you can order K Beauty products in the USA.

I'm excited to inform you that Avon has a new collaboration with curated Korean beauty products. Discover all Avon X The Face Shop makeup products.



Avon x The Face Shop

With the purchase of New Avon, LLC by LG Household & Health Care also comes new K Beauty product collaboration. Discover the exciting new skincare and makeup products that you can buy online in the USA.


Avon Korean Beauty Products


The Avon x Face Shop products include:

  • The Face Shop Makeup: Ink Lasting Cushion Foundation, Primers and Moisture Cushion Blush
  • Lip Tint by The Face Shop: Ink Tint Matte, Ink Tint Shine, and Flat Velvet Lipsticks.
  • The Face Shop Rice Water: Rice Water Bright Cleanser and Wipes
  • Dr Belmeur Advanced Skincare with Cica
  • The Therapy by The Face Shop: Oil-Drop Anti-Aging Facial Serum and Oil Blending Cream

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