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Some of the best sellers for my customers is deodorant.

Believe it or not everyone loves to buy Avon deodorant! For many people that is the only brand of deodorant that they will use.

Let’s take a look at a few popular fragrances customers get when they buy Avon deodorant online.



Avon On Duty Deodorant

Buy Avon Deodorant

Avon On Duty Deodorant


The Avon On Duty 24 Hours Original is a non-whitening, non-sticky, anti-stain protection. It will keep you fresh and under control 24 hours. You will love the floral musk scent. It reduces underarm wetness.


Buy Avon deodorant online – On Duty 24


Avon Feelin Fresh Deodorant


Avon Feelin Fresh Deodorant

Avon Feelin Fresh Deodorant


This antiperspirant deodorant rolls on clear and stays that way. It moisturizes skin without staining clothes. Enjoy the fresh citrus floral scent for an everyday use.


  • 48 hour odor protection
  • 24 hour antiperspirant deodorant
  • Moisturizes skin
  • Non-stinging
  • Non-sticky


Buy Avon deodorant online – Feelin Fresh



Avon Cool Confidence Deodorant


Avon Cool Confidence Deodorant

Avon Cool Confidence Deodorant


This anti-staining, non-sticky, non-whitening formula will help you keep your cool. Glides on smoothly for 24-hour odor protection with a rosy floral scent. Also reduces underarm wetness.


Buy Avon deodorant online – Cool Confidence



Avon Sweet Honesty Deodorant


Avon Sweet Honesty Deodorant

Avon Sweet Honesty Deodorant


Fragrant deodorant with the soft, floral scent of Sweet Honesty is a customer favorite. This is a non-whitening, quick drying and anti-staining deodorant. This will also reduces underarm perspiration. Choose your favorite fragrance.


Buy Avon deodorant online – Sweet Honesty


Avon Timeless Deodorant


Avon Timeless Deodorant

Avon Timeless Deodorant


Keeps you feeling dry and smelling fresh throughout your busy day. Glides on smoothly for long lasting odor protection with the classic, elegant scent of Timeless. This is a non-whitening, quick drying and anti-staining deodorant that also reduces underarm perspiration. Choose your favorite fragrance.

Buy Avon deodorant online – Timeless



Avon Wild Country Deodorant


Avon Wild Country Deodorant

Avon Wild Country Deodorant


Very popular Avon deodorant for men is the Wild Country. This seductive aroma will boost your confidence as well as go great with any attire.


Buy Avon deodorant online – Wild Country



Another type of deodorant for women that is popular with my Avon customers is the Perfumed Liquid Deodorant. Check it out here.


Avon Perfumed Liquid Deodorant


Avon Perfumed Liquid Deodorant

Avon Perfumed Liquid Deodorant


Popular Avon liquid deodorant provides fast-drying long-lasting odor protection. Easy fingertip application. Fragrance with a delicate floral scent.


Buy Avon deodorant online – Perfumed Liquid


Avon Deodorant Scents

There are several different scents of Avon deodorants to choose from. Check out the list available at the time of this writing.


Want to continue shopping Avon Deodorant online?

Have fun browsing my Avon eStore for all your makeup, skincare, and fashion needs.


Comments are welcome on which deodorants you like.  🙂


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