Avon True Color SuperExtend Nourishing Mascara

Avon True Color SuperExtend Nourishing Mascara


Avon true color superextend nourishing mascara


Introducing Avon True Color SuperExtend Nourishing Mascara.

I'm so excited about this new Avon mascara which will help your lashes feel healthy. If you want to nourish and condition your eye lashes, you must try this mascara with the power of argan oil, coconut oil and vitamin E.

As you probably know, Avon sells many types of mascara. Read on to find out what is different and improved about the Avon True Color products.

What is Avon True Color?

The promise behind Avon True Color is " Fuss-Free, Fail-Free Makeup that looks and performs the Way you Expect it to". Yes, finally, you have found makeup that won't let you down.

Today women are looking for makeup that will help them feel beautiful and radiant. Nothing is more frustrating than buying products that don't perform as promised. That is where Avon True Color makeup products can help.

The Avon True Color technology blends rich pigments to come up with colors that are vibrant, accurate and reliable. So whether you are looking for your favorite lipsticks, lip glosses, eye shadows or nail polishes Avon has a True Color product for you.

Did you know that Avon has over 300 color patents worldwide? With this expansive shade library, you are sure to find the right color for your skin type. Their rigorous industry standards ensure product safety in all the makeup lines. You can be assured that Avon delivers reputable premium products at affordable prices.

Avon True Color SuperExtend Mascara Benefits

Are you looking for a mascara that removes easily for less lash breakage? This mascara is one of the best yet! So your lashes will look longer while feeling healthier and conditioned. The flexi-brush coats each lash with a fortifying formula that won't tug or pull. This gives you a no clump, smudge or flake off mascara.

Mascara Benefits:

  • Lashes look longer and feel healthier and conditioned
  • Nourishing formula protects and fortifies lashes
  • Won't clump, smudge or flake off
  • Removes easily for less lash breakage
  • Enriched with Argan Oil, Coconut Oil, and Vitamin E
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ophthalmologist-tested
  • Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers
  • Flexi-brush

Avon True Color SuperExtend Mascara Shades

The Avon SuperExtend Nourishing Mascara comes in three shades.  Yes, I'm happy to say we have the Avon Superextend mascara navy color.

  1. Black - 550-596
  2. Brown Black - 550-615
  3. Navy - 550-620

Avon True Color SuperExtend Mascara Price

Check out the current price of the SuperExtend mascara.

Avon True Color SuperExtend Mascara Reviews

Read a customer review of this Avon mascara.

Customer Review: "This is hands down the best mascara I've ever used! I have always had short, straight, blonde lashes. I don't wear makeup; I don't like it. But I do wear mascara everyday because without it my lashes look non-existent. I've never really found a mascara that I was 100% happy with until this. It applies easily and smoothly without clumping together. I apply it around 5am and when I look in the mirror at the end of the day it still looks great. It's easy to remove, but I'll be honest here...I often forget and end up sleeping in it. It's not waterproof, but it also doesn't leave you with long black streaks on your cheeks. It just kind of comes off in small pieces that are easy to wipe off with a tissue or finger. But the absolute best part is the transformation I have seen in my lashes. My lashes are easily twice as long as they were before I started using this mascara. Even without any mascara on I can tell a huge difference. Just buy it; you will love it!"


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