Best Avon Products for Dry Skin

If you have dry skin like me, you know how frustrating it can be to try and find the right products to help.

Especially during the winter, when the air is so dry, your skin feels like sandpaper!

Just for you, I've put together a list of the best Avon products for dry skin. These six topical treatments will help hydrate and nourish your skin, making it feel soft and smooth again.

So don't suffer any longer - try out these products today!

1. Avon Products for Dry Skin (Itchy and Irritated)

best Avon products for dry skin

Is the winter air affecting your skin? You need a hypoallergenic, fragrance-free soothing calming cream now. It will instantly soothe your skin and relieve irritation.

  • Physiogel Hypoallergenic Calming Relief A.I. Face Lotion - Clinically proven to restore skin’s moisture barrier, this lightweight facial lotion provides long-lasting moisture for dry, sensitive skin to protect against recurrent dryness.
  • Moisture Therapy Bonus-Size Calming Relief Body Lotion - This extra rich, fragrance-free lotion with HydraBoost Technology is clinically shown to provide immediate moisturization and improve the skin's natural protective barrier. It relieves the roughness and appearance of redness associated with extremely dry skin.
  • Physiogel Hypoallergenic Calming Relief A.I. Face Cream - Relieve dry, itchy, irritated skin with this hydrating face cream, which soothes skin with instant, long-lasting relief while moisturizing. Contains a skin-soothing complex of essential lipids, vitamin B3 and pro-Vitamin B5 to relieve skin and protect against irritants.

2. Avon Moisture Barrier Creams

Do you have dry, tight, sensitive winter skin? Avon has the solution with their Physiogel line that has lipids to help you strengthen your skin's moisture barrier and restore hydration for visibly healthy skin.

3. Hydrate your Skin with Hemp

Even the most hardy skin type needs some extra TLC during the winter months. Hemp-derived creams and dry body oils can help keep your skin looking its best year-round.

These hemp products offer a variety of benefits for your skin, including hydration. Hemp-derived oils and creams can be used all year round to keep your skin looking healthy and glowing.

Check out these Avon products for dry skin by the Veilment CBD brand.

  • Veilment CBD Dry Body Oil 3.73 oz - Formulated to help replenish dry, sensitive, stressed-out skin and soothe it into a state of pure calm and true bliss. Get soothing with a dry body oil featuring 100mg of CBD, hemp seed oil, and other natural premium ingredients. The lightweight, non-greasy formula quickly absorbs to nourish skin with instantly replenishing hydration while helping visibly reduce redness and soothe irritation so skin looks healthy and radiant.
  • Veilment CBD Nourishing Body Cream 5 oz - Sit back and relax with our nourishing body cream, featuring 100mg of CBD and touches of hemp seed oil and turmeric. This soothing formula will help moisturize and rejuvenate skin.
  • Veilment CBD Soothing & Nourishing Body Cream 1.7 oz - Visibly soothes, restores, and transforms distressed skin to look smoother and healthier. Helps to soothe and restore for smoother, healthier-looking skin.
  • Veilment Hemp Seed Oil Ultra-Nourishing Dry Body Oil 5 oz Give your skin deep care with this plant-based body oil. Naturally formulated to deeply nourish and hydrate dry or irritated skin, this oil helps you achieve a healthy-looking appearance all day long.

4. Moisture Therapy - Popular Avon Products for Dry Skin

Best Avon products for dry skin

Moisture Therapy is formulated with powerful hydrators, allowing it to address a variety of dry skin concerns. Find the formulation that targets your winter woes and experience instant relief & lasting hydration.

Why wait for dry, uncomfortable skin to go away? Take a look at these innovative formulas that work!

The Avon Moisture Therapy collection will intensely hydrate & soften rough skin.

Which Avon dry skin product from the Moisture Therapy brand have you tried?

  • Moisture Therapy Bonus-Size Intensive Healing & Repair Body Lotion 33.8 oz - Treat your skin the way it deserves with Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair Body Lotion. This bonus size container holds 33.8 fl oz of relief for rough or dry skin. Hydraboost Technology supplements your skin's natural oils to moisturize sensitive skin for 24 hours. This non-irritating body lotion can help you reduce the effects that red or irritated skin has on your life.
  • Moisture Therapy Intensive Healing & Repair Extra Strength Cream 5.3 oz - Can't find the ideal hand cream to combat winter's dryness? Our Moisture Therapy Intense Healing & Repair Extra Strength Cream works wonders! It quickly alleviates rough skin. Whether you have chapped hands, feet, or elbows, Hydraboost Technology soothes it to perfection with 24-hour hydration. You'll love what this 5.3 oz. jar of skin cream can do for your dry skin and itchiness!
  • Moisture Therapy +Balance And Soothe Body Cream 5 oz - This body cream will create a healthy environment for your skin's microbiome and restore balance. The moisturizer it provides is absorbed quickly and leaves your skin softer, smoother, and healthier-looking. This moisturizer is specially formulated with a soothing formula that replenishes moisture instantly. This will give you healthier and softer-looking skin, without breakouts or harmful side effects.
  • Moisture Therapy +Balance and Soothe Body Lotion 13.2 oz - Luxuriously moisturizing body lotion. Contains ingredients that support skin health and keep it safe from chemicals, without the use of parabens, mineral oil, or colorants.

5. Benefits of Nut Oils for Dry Skin

Check out the benefits of nut oils for healthy skin. They formulate with nourishing vitamins, replenishing omega acids, and protective antioxidant to help keep skin moisturized for a healthy-looking glow.

Let's take a look at which Avon products for dry skin contain nut oils to that contain hydrating and moisturizing properties.

  • Skin So Soft Comforting Shea Bath Oil 16.9 oz - The Shea Collection is composed of signature oils & shea butter to deliver lasting moisture & scent. Keep skin looking and feeling soft, supple, and healthy with our luxurious bath oil. Forget about the stresses of the day & soak in the bath with this comforting oil. It has a warm vanilla scent, blended together with sandalwood and musk to moisturize while you relax.
  • Skin So Soft Comforting Shea Body Lotion 11.8 oz - Let your skin drink up the goodness of this shea butter lotion that will leave it looking and feeling great. After just one use, you'll notice that it already feels softer and more hydrated. Shea butter and oil are high in antioxidants like vitamin C along with moisturizing fats.
  • Veilment Revitalizing Macadamia Hydrating Body Mousse 6.7 oz - Give your skin the best possible support by nourishing it with this light, comforting mousse, formulated with moisturizing macadamia nut oil. So lightweight, it quickly melts into the skin for long-lasting moisturization. Macadamia Oil has vitamins, omega acids, and antioxidants to help your skin look radiant.
  • Skin So Soft Supreme Nourishment Enriching Coconut Oil Milk Lotion 11.8 oz - Easy to apply, this luscious lotion gives you instant hydration and leaves your skin silky soft! I love the coconut milk that helps keep your moisture levels balanced. Coconut Oil is abundantly rich in a variety of fatty acids to protect skin's moisture barrier.

6. Avon Oil Based Moisturizer for Dry Skin

When the winter months come around, having an oil-based moisturizer is essential to make your skin stay hydrated. Skin So Soft with Signature Oils help lock in moisture during and after your bath or shower. I think these Skin So Soft products may be my top Avon products for dry skin. This stuff smells great too!

  • Skin So Soft Bonus-Size Original Bath Oil 25 oz -America's favorite bath oil is here, and it might just be yours, too. Pamper yourself with Skin So Soft Original Bath Oil - a luxurious, jojoba-infused bath oil with an uplifting scent that will transform your skin (and mood). You'll never know dry skin again. Get that radiant complexion on all levels by lathering with moisturizing bath oil and indulging in Skin So Soft's breakthrough moisture-locking formula for your body.
  • Skin So Soft Bonus-Size Soft & Sensual Bath Oil 25 oz - The Skin So Soft bath oil is a luxurious, refreshing & sensually floral scented bath oil that will leave your skin hydrated and soft. The formula is enriched with argan oil and has a lot of emollients so it locks in moisture & makes your skin silky smooth. It can also be used as a leave-on moisturizer anytime.
  • Skin So Soft Bonus-Size Original Body Lotion 33.8 oz - When it comes to lotions, Skin so soft Original is a great option. Particularly effective for those with normal to dry skin types, this lightweight formula is enriched with jojoba oil and has a fresh herbal scent. When your skin is looking and feeling dry, call on this 24-hour moisturizer to provide nourishment and replenish moisture.
  • Skin So Soft Original Body Lotion 11.8 oz - This Original Skin So Soft Body Lotion provides a level of softness that is unmatched. With its floral scent and infusion of botanicals, you'll smell as good as you feel! Brings relief to chaffing and irritated skin affected by winter dryness.

Your skin has been through a lot this winter. It's time to give your dry skin some much-needed relief.

Which Avon Products for Dry Skin are the Best?

I've put together this list of the best Avon products for dry skin that will hydrate and nourish your delicate hands, elbows, knees, or any other place you're experiencing dryness from cold weather exposure.

These six topical treatment product categories will help hydrate and nourish your skin, making it feel soft and smooth again in no time!

Looking for the best Avon moisturizers for dry skin? If you want to soothe your dry, itchy, sensitive skin, you will find my choice of 7 products that will work for you.

To help you with your anti-aging routine, check out my other blog posts on best Avon moisturizer for aging skin over 60 and best Avon products for wrinkles.

Do you need some relief? Check out which one suits you and end your suffering today!

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